JuliJuli Cialone


Juli Cialone is a photographer who established a highly esteemed professional photography studio in Northern NY State, Cialone Photography, in 1996. Her list of awards both nationally and internationally seems endless. She has lectured not only amongst her peers internationally (in English and in Italian), but also communities worldwide. She has been featured in both Professional Photographer and Rangefinder magazines as well as in Rochester Magazine as one of their 2012 Most Interesting Women. In 2001, she established the Images to Inspire Program, giving families of terminally ill families free photography sessions, prints and albums. In 2012, she launched Rock N’ Rescue, a charity run mostly by teens who help animal rescues and celebrity sponsors come together. Since she is known for her photographic work in the music industry and her amazing animal work (now published), it was a natural combinaton! In 2012 her first books, the first entitled 48 Reasons Why My Dog Stole My Underwear (after winning with perfect scores at the international level) and the second 48 Reasons Why Puppies and Babies Are Exactly Alike (also award winning) have been published worldwide in 5 languages – in Europe and in the USA, through Whitestar, a European subsidiary of National Geographic and Sterling Corp. From first competing professionally in 2005, Juli has won International Photographer of the Year every year (both in the US and in Europe) for her many portraits, photojournalism and albums. She regularly fosters dogs and cats for various charities and offers her photographic skills to all non for profits worldwide.

Maggie Joel

VP Rescue Coordinator

At the moment Maggie the foster of 4 newborn kittens that she has been bottle-feeding since they were rescued at 2 days old.  She is a senior at Mendon High School and is involved in many clubs and activities like Link Leaders and National Honors Society. Along with being active in this organization and at school Maggie has a job at an animal hospital and is a volunteer at a local humane society.  If you can’t already tell, her passion is animals and will go to all lengths to help and build experience with them.  In her future, Maggie hopes pursue a veterinary career.  At home she has 3 cats that she raised through fostering and a dog she adores.  A busy workload keeps her on her toes, but loving what she does is what keeps her motivated to do more.

Kylie Steinhilber

VP Photographer

Kylie is a senior at Sutherland High School. She has always been surrounded by animals, art and music. Currently she is the owner of 4 dogs: 2 dachshunds and 2 pugs. In high school she discovered her love for photography through capturing the love and vitality of animals. She enjoys participating in all types clubs, including Spanish Club, and is part of National Honors Society and Business Honors Society. She loves all types of music, including, Jason Mraz and Panic at the Disco. She plans on attending college in a big city and hopes to one day own and manage her own business.

Devlynn Neu

Head PR Representative

Devlynn is a 17 year old Sutherland High School Senior. As Head PR Rep for Rock N’ Rescue, he has made great progress. Outside of the organization, he enjoys all types of music, including country and theatre, and his favorite artist is Elton John. He loves singing, dancing and acting in musicals as well. In addition he also takes dance and voice lessons. He is a part of Tri-M, the Nation Honors Society equivalent for music studies. Devlynn owns a cat and a rescue dog, Peanut, who is a black lab and beagle mix.  Devlynn is outgoing and loves to draw, write, and surrounds himself with people. He is a member of Spanish Club and Drama Club at SHS. He has a busy schedule but stays motivated all the while. He aspires to be and Occupational Therapist.

Cesar Neri

Web Master / Head Graphic Designer

César is 18 and is a senior at Pittsford Sutherland High School. His favorite music genres are alternative, rock and pop and his favorite artists include Vampire Weekend, Marina & the Diamonds, Fleet Foxes, Muse and The Killers. He has a miniature Schnauzer named Peewee and two leopard geckos named Melon and Pepino. César moved to the Unites States four years ago from Guadalajara, Mexico and can speak three languages including French. In his free time he loves listening to music, drawing and of course eating. He intends to go to college next year and study architecture.

1017613_558809574156068_1864621309_nThea Mazzola


Thea is 15 and a sophomore at Sutherland High School. She owns one dog named Roxxy and way too many fish to count! She listens to a variety of music from country, to rock, and even classical. But, her favorites bands include Dave Matthews Band and Radiohead, and her favorites singers include Tori Amos and Alanis Morissette. In her free time she enjoys reading, writing, theater, and playing Field Hockey. At school she is the Secretary for DECA and sings in the Jazz Choir. Also, she likes to volunteer and work with children who have special needs. She aspires to be a writer or study for a special education degree in college.

Jenna Callan

Social Media Coordinator/PR Representative/Writer

Jenna Callan is a senior at Spencerport High School. She loves all types of music including jazz, nineties and pop. Taylor Swift and OAR are among her favorite bands/singers. She plays classical piano and jazz vibraphone and absolutely loves doing so. Jenna also is spectacular at the cowbell and whip cracker. She owns a ten-year-old rat terrier named Ozzie who is absolutely adorable! Fun fact about Jenna: she is obsessed with Christmas season!

Shaina Garfield

Art Department Associate

Shaina is 17 years old and will be graduating in 2013 from Our Lady of Mercy High School. Shaina has always loved music of all kinds ranging from Dave Matthews to Skrillex. Due to the fact that she is an only child, her pets have always seemed like siblings. She has a cat named Sunny who is always there to cuddle and play around with. She aspires to design furniture or cars in the future.

Matthew Cialone

Comedy Writer and Imagery

Matthew is 16 years old and he is currently attending Pittsford Mendon High School as a junior. He loves music and is a former guitar player. His favorite artists are Frank Ocean, Mumford and Sons, and Dave Matthews. He is the proud owner of 2 puggle rescues and the recent caretaker of 8 rescue kittens and their mother. Fun fact about Matthew: his middle name is Luciano!

Peter Cialone

Legal Correspondant

Peter is 16 years old and he is a junior at Mendon High School. He is a drum player and his favorite band is Rage Against the Machine. He has two dogs and four cats and he loves playing with them! Fun facts about Peter: He is a triplet and he plays soccer.

Michael Cialone

Medical CorrespondantMy name is Michael Cialone and I am a junior at Pittsford Mendon High School. I am pursuing a career in medicine and hope to become a doctor one day. I volunteer for pediatric hospice/adult hospice every weekend and I love it. I am the medical coordinator for Rock N’ Rescue and I post things about anything to do with diseases, disorders, or preventions.